Northmead Property for Sale




To be sold via Property Auction Sale

Subdivision 81 of Farm 90A Northmead

4 blocks of upmarket flats located a few minutes from the CBD in a tranquil neighbourhood : 1st block comprises 3 flats, 2nd block comprises 4 flats, 3rd block comprises 3 and 4th block comprising 2 flats with a beautiful verandah & garden setting. There is a communal  swimming pool, 4 rooms used as offices, a large storeroom and ample parking space for residents & visitors.  Land size: approximately 0.4098 hectares.

Date: Thursday 26 April 2018 Venue: InterContinental Hotel, Rosso Room, Haile Selassie Ave. Lusaka Time: 10:30hrs

CONTACT OUR SALES TEAM: Namunza – +260 955987733, Enock – +260 955987726, Leonard – +260 955 987728, Simbelele – +260 955987729

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