What is a proxy bid?

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Being unable to attend any one of our auctions should not be a reason for you to miss out on any goods  you have earmarked for yourself. We will do the bidding for you by proxy and keep the price within the amount you would have specified for us.

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Visit our premises at  Plot 7213/4 Kachidza Road Cnr Mulalika Road for viewing of household goods immediately available for sale. or visit our website here.

Contact Leonard – 0955 987728, Enock – 0955987726, Simbelele – 0955 987729

3 Benefits of buying a vehicle through auction

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  1. The biggest benefit of buying your car at auction is the price. You will discover that the prices of the vehicles will be competitive and generally below the market price. You can actually save a fair amount of money .
  2. Another advantage of buying at an auction is that some of  the cars are generally in good condition and fairly new. You save yourself the hassle of importation and the general logistics associated with it.
  3. If you are looking for a hard to find or a rare vehicle, an auction may be the only way you will ever be able to find it. Since the vehicle is rare or unique you may only be up against a limited number of bidders, depending on the car.

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Don’t miss our next auction!

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Don’t miss out on the exciting  Zanaco Auction Sale with 25 compact Toyota Hilux models going under the hammer on the 22nd of July at 1030am.  It is definitely going to be pulse pounding! Viewing and registration now on.
Contact Leonard – 0955 987728, Enock – 0955987726 and Simbelele – 0955 987729 for more details.


Buyer’s Guide To Auctions

Hammer and Tongues Auctioneers Lusaka Zambia

tayaBuyer’s guide to auctions

“1000 kwacha bid, now one five there thank you, now go two thousa-a-a-nd, two thousand I am bid now give me two and half ? Two five I am bid there now let’s go three, three I am bid, I am bid at three now three five, three five, three five who can come in at three five? Are there no further bids here ladies and gentlemen at three thousand? Going once!, twice!, third and last time,” BOOM. the hammer falls.

If you are a regular buyer at the auction you are quite familiar with the auctioneer’s chant. You can confirm to the adrenaline rush, excitement and eagerness that this stirs within you especially if you are bidding for a vehicle or product that you earnestly desire.

Buying at an auction is a super thrilling experience. Once you learn the ropes, you will definitely become a…

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