A feel of ‘snow’ in Zambia with the recent rare hailstorm.


Imagine experiencing heavy rainfalls that result in a hail storm in our community? This is exactly what happened in some parts of Zambia on Sunday.

Of course it was not snow but ice particles. The residents were euphoric and they went all out to enjoy the effects of the hailstorm. Gathering ice in dishes, tasting the ice particles, splashing all over their bodies, making ”snowmen”  were just some of the activities of this special day.

It was  a special day because this was not just a movie scene but a reality in Zambia.

This rare phenomenon caused temperatures to drop to 12 degrees Celsius the following day.

Sporadic rains are likely going to be experienced in some parts of Zambia as confirmed by meteorologists.

Brace yourself!

Pic credit : omojuwa.com



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