10 simple ways to enjoy your weekend

  1. Unplug from technology for just two hours.
  2. Attend to your spiritual needs… (Attend church service or meditate).
  3. Work out for 30mins to an hour.
  4. Engage in some form of household chores. It depends on your interests: cooking, gardening, ironing or spring cleaning!
  5. Listen to your favorite tracks or watch your favorite sports team play.
  6. Attend an event, gig, party (anything that makes you happy!)
  7. Spend quality time with family and friends.
  8. Shop online from the comfort of your home @ www.hammerandtongues.com.
  9. Forget everything, be as carefree as a child; that means you are allowed to act like a child.
  10. Read or write a book.

Valeria Tsaurai is a Social Media – Blogger at Hammer and Tongues Africa Holdings.


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