Buyer’s Guide To Auctions



Buyer’s guide to auctions

“1000 kwacha bid, now one five there thank you, now go two thousa-a-a-nd, two thousand I am bid now give me two and half ? Two five I am bid there now let’s go three, three I am bid, I am bid at three now three five, three five, three five who can come in at three five? Are there no further bids here ladies and gentlemen at three thousand? Going once!, twice!, third and last time,” BOOM. the hammer falls.

If you are a regular buyer at the auction you are quite familiar with the auctioneer’s chant. You can confirm to the adrenaline rush, excitement and eagerness that this stirs within you especially if you are bidding for a vehicle or product that you earnestly desire.

Buying at an auction is a super thrilling experience. Once you learn the ropes, you will definitely become a regular at our auction houses. It’s addictive and truly worth the effort because it is a platform to acquire goods and vehicles at competitive prices. Quality goods & vehicles, vintage stuff ,brand new appliances, office furniture, groceries, cell phones for sale, real estate,  are among hidden gems  you should expect to bump into.

Frequently Asked Questions

I have encountered this question several times: Are all these goods and vehicles debt repossessed property?


Not all of them, some willing sellers in personal capacity and on behalf of organizations will bring their goods to the auction in brand new and semi used state for various reasons; including but not limited to -replacement sales, quick sale, raising funds for donor organizations etc.

How do you buy at an auction?

The first step is viewing prior the auction. Our auctions are conducted every Saturday starting 10:30 hrs.

Special auctions held in-house or outside our premises will have specified deposit requirements that we will advise the public through various media channels prior the auction.

What is a buyer’s card?

You will receive a buyer’s card after you have paid your deposit to enable you to participate in the auction. When the auctioneer sells a vehicle or item of your choice, raise your card so that it is visible to show your interest taking note of the price you are comfortable with paying.

What is a security/surety deposit and why do you need to pay it?

The security deposit is paid before the auction and it is a guarantee that you will pay for what you purchase. All bids that falls on your buyer’s card, are final. If an auction ends with you as the highest bidder, you will be obligated to pay for the vehicle/goods bidded for. In the event that you fail to pay, your deposit will be forfeited.

Terms and Conditions of Sale

These are displayed on the wall in our registration office/on the deposit slip which you are given to fill in. Please read carefully before you participate. The auctioneer will announce a few highlights on the terms and conditions before the Sale.

Please explain why my final invoice varies from my bid price?

Please note that 10% purchasers levy and 16% VAT will be levied to your bidding price.

How long do I have to pay my balance after bidding?

You have up to the following business day to pay your balance.

What If I cannot attend an auction but would like to buy?

Don’t despair!  You can authorize the Auctioneer to bid on your behalf to your specified limit. You will be required to fill out a proxy bid, sign the bidding form and pay the deposit.

Can I buy without participating in an auction?

Sure! Please ask our friendly sales team for goods and vehicles that can be bought immediately.

“Washala Washala!!!! Bwelani bonse ku Auction.”

”When our hammer falls, the market jumps!”

Please visit our branch at Plot no. 7213/4 kachidza road off lumumba road behind Stanbic industrial branch, Lusaka. Contact +260 211 287334/5. Cell numbers 0955987729/8/6


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